Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ahmad Firash is 1 year old today..

Happy birthday sayang mama..
Mama loves u a lot..
semoga Firash membesar menjadi anak yang sihat, baik budi pekerti, rajin mencari ilmu dunia dan akhirat, berjaya dalam hidup..semoga menajdi anak yang soleh, bijak, cergas, dan berwibawa. 
mama akan sentiasa doakan yang terbaik buat anak mama..

when he was 5 days old..
at 11months old
Ahmad Firash has accomplished  a lot.
he has 8 teeth, can walk, can do a lot of things, quite strong for a toddler his age..
he has become taller, but still weighs the same 11kgs..
he likes to eat, almost anything and everything..
he doesn't cry when mama has to leave him at the nursery, alhamdulillah..

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

working life

Alhamdulillah, baru 3 weeks keja kat tempat baru, venturing into a totally different profession than before. But i think i like it somehow, but it is still too early to be certain of that la kan. The work of an indexer can be mundane and repetitive but i think i can manage that. i have a great support system from the other indexers. hopefully, everything goes well so that i can stay there longer. i really hope for that because of the flexible working hours. let say i come in at 8am, i can go home at 4.30pm..if i want to go back early on friday, let say around 3pm, i can either come in early or substitute the missing hours some other days. seronok kan. haha..last week jugak ada teleconferencing, yg mcm phone conference tu,  dgn people from the australian branch. jakun sekejap sbb dgr mat saleh and the minah saleh ckp dgn kita..hahaha..sumpah jakun..hahaha, oh ye, gaji pun dh masuk pdhal baru keja 3 minggu. dh lama tak rasa dpt duit byk mcm ni, dulu masa keja gov dpt 2+++  pun dh rasa mcm happy ni kan pulak private yg mmg offer gaji lagi tinggi kan. patut la these people can tolerate the stress of keeping up with the indexes, gaji lumayan kot,..tapi gaji yg dpt dh ditolak kwsp and income tax bagai..sedih..hamik kau zrin, sekarang dh kena potong income tax....pokok pangkalnya, gaji dh masuk walaupun baru keja. yeay, boleh beli hadiah birthday Ahmad Firash..

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

rezeki Mu Ya Allah

setelah berbulan lamanya tak bekerja tetap, i will start my first day at work tomorrow..
takut + berdebar + nervous + sad + happy + everything = me

dh lama tak bekerja tetap, so dh tak tau nak expect apa dan apa nak buat..
tapi apa pun, i will try my best for my son and of course my husband..

owh, btw, sape2 tau psl indexer..i am now an indexer at one of the MNC's in cyberjaya..
i googled and look for some info but then every info that i got is redundant and most websites talk about the same thing..mungkin kena tanya ex-students yg amik IS kot..rasanya diorg ada subjek indexing..