Sunday, 16 September 2012

unplanned trip to Gold Coast Morib

Assalamualaikum semua..
Alhamdulillah, esok kita cuti lagi kan..boleh la berehat di rumah..
tapi esok sy kena ke ofis, nk siapkan buku..Rabu dh kena antar utk print clearance..huhuhu..letih, nak nangis rasanya..

oh ya, talking about holidays, i would like to share our experience going to Gold Coast Morib few months ago, a week before was an unplanned trip..we went there after zohor and arrived sometime before Asar..
me and my son waited in the car while mister hubs checked in..he came back after 35 minutes or so..the queue was very long (weekend, what do you expect) and there were only 2 check-in we loaded our bags and carried them to our room, luckily we got the first floor room..


oh ya, gotta tell you that do expect to carry your own bags because there's no bell boy..i don't know if there is but that day, we had to get the trolley on our own and pushed it ourselves. .the room itself was nice, a new hotel so yup, the room was nice, everything's new..however, the room was a bit dirty, i guess they didn't clean it properly in the sense that you can feel sands on the floor..and we had to call the housekeeping for towels..oh ya, the bathroom was nice and big with jacuzzi and a separate shower room..but the toilet was clogged..we had to call the management to lodge a complaint.. they came in an hour later and the floor was covered with eeew and turned out the guest upstairs threw something inside the bowl..oh come on people, have some common sense and be civilized. you shouldn't do that kind of you not learn that? and so we waited for them to fix the toilet and clean the floor a bit..they didn't clean it thoroughly though..but it was okay and better than before..

hmmm,,other than the above setbacks, everything was okay..our night went well..the bed was comfy..
okay, mama's big 
make way please
and most importantly, we had a great time at the water park, free admission for hotel's guests..if we aren't, if i'm not mistaken, one ticket would cost around RM twenty-something..or could it be RM thirty-something. i think la..i couldn't remember..
the slide, you have to wear swimsuits or trunks or tights to ride this

but overall, the water park was nice..Ahmad Firash liked it, no he LOVED it..he even woke up early in the morning and kept on standing in front of the sliding doors to check out the water was as if he's afraid the water park would suddenly disappear.. 

                                                       poor Firash, it was unplanned so mama forgot to bring a proper swimming attire
Firash's afraid of pouring water

we will definitely come again despite having some unwanted and unpleasant experiences..well, i can tell you that the main reason is because of the water park because Firash enjoys being in water so much.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

fuhh..kemaskan blog

Assalamualaikum semua..
Selamat hari raya..kejap je kan dh nak berlalu bulan Syawal..
semoga kita daptat menyambut kemeriahan Syawal lagi pada masa akan dtg..

2 3 minggu ni mmg malas nk update blog..tak sempat sebenarnya..blk keja kena uruskan anak suami dan umah..lepas tu tido smpai la pagi esok..
nak update kat ofis bukannya ada masa..dr pkl 8.30 smpai la 5.30 duk mengadap pc, baca material, buat index, baca material lagi, buat index lagi..

no wonder la org ckp keja dlm bidang editorial or publication ni mmg letih dan draining..bukan senang nk publish sesuatu buku atau product..letih fizikal dan mental..tapi puas hati sbb dpt lihat hasil sendiri..

oh ya, ada sape2 yg nak jadi sub-editor tak? English mestilah power gila tahap paling tertinggi MUET atau TOEFL..boleh la cuba apply kat tmpt sy keja..tapi testnya mmg sgt yg grad TESL ni pun barely passed..tapi tak salah utk mencuba..