Tuesday, 12 March 2013

could it be?

Assalamualaikum semua..

it has been awhile since i penned my words and thoughts here..
(dh mcm Harry Potter pulak ,kan penned ni, Harrry Potter kan ada pensive thingy tu)..

to be honest, i did not know what to write, what to share so i figured just to keep queit until sth comes out/happens..
well, nothing extraordinary happened..

but the fast few days, i've been feeling exhausted, i's very easy for me to feel exhausted these days..i am not that kind of person tho i might apapper to be plae-looing and weak, trust me, i am actually stronger than those with stronger physical appearances.

could it be there is a bun in the oven?
source: google

i haven't checked, but we assume there is..
and plus, i am too lazy to go to the clinic ;)

the tell-tale signs are noticeable, obviously..
but then again, we do not know for sure.

is there a bun in the oven?