Thursday, 10 October 2013

Antenatal Check-ups at Gov Clinic or Private Hospital :My Story (part 2)


Baiklah, ini sambungan entry sebelum ni (terpaksa buat 2 entry sbb takut pjg sgt).. I already told u why we opted for a private hospital for our first child. And when we found out that we are expecting our second, my hubs ckp better go for private jugak la.. And ramai yg ckp2 kenapa g private, tak g gov clinic/hosp je..ada sebabnya kan (sila baca entry sebelum ni)..ada yg ckp kami ni perasan kaya la, nk menunjuk la..ya Allah, anda tak rasa apa yg sy rasa..dy dh serik ditolak ke hulu hilir oleh nurse2 tu..Biarlah kan org nk kata apa..

Ada sebabnya kami decided terus ke private hospital for our 2nd baby..

1) Our appointment with our ob-gynae is on Saturday..utk org yg baru dpt tetap and payah cuti, this is the best option..kalo klinik gov, u have to come on weekdays which is a big problem to me..mmg la ada annual leave bagai, tapi I only earn 1 day a memandangkan baru keja ni, berapa je cuti yg sy dpt sepanjang 1 thn bekerja..tolak cuti yg terpaksa guna sbb anak sakit , cuti raya bagi..jadi cuti mmg kosong, nk tgk angka 1 tu mmg payah..kalo ada je cuti, terpaksa guna anak sakit la itu la ini the best option is for me to have appointment on Saturday je la..private je la yg buka klinik hari sabtu..

2) We can choose our attending ob-gynae..Seriously, this is the main reason why my hubs insists on going to private hospitals. We get to choose our ob-gynae..kalo kat hov hosp selalubya duorg akan assign mana2 doctor yg ada je la..
our first ob-gynae was Dr.Habibah..i like her..very motherly..and she drives an Audi (stalker kan)…for our second child ni, we choose Dr.Norshidah kat Cloumbia Asia Cheras (Balakong)..i like her too..very warm, friendly and far, dia mmg byk membantu everytime we see shaa Allah, Dr.Norshidah akan sambut kelahiran baby no 2 ni..

3) Husband is allowed in the labor room..this is also our main reason for choosing private hospitals..selalunya kalo bersalin kat gov ni, husband takleh masuk..i think ada je gov hospital yg boleh tapi tak semua la husband was there when I gave birth to my first child. He gave me strength and hope that I needed. He was the one who taught me how to push, hot to count my breathing..he was afraid to be there at first, but he said when he saw his son’s hair, he suddenly felt excited and thrilled. So he kept on asking me to push and push and him, it was definitely an experience he will never forget, an eye opener to how difficult and painful it is to give birth. He said he now knows why mothers are special and amazing...

4) The environment. To be honest, I am one person yg mmg agak cerewet..everything has to be according to my way of arranging ke, organizing bila kat private hospital ni, there’s a guaranteed privacy.. 5) Lastly the cost..not that I think it is cheaper..what I mean is that we don’t really have to fork out our own money pun..semuanya company hubs yg tanggung, from antenatal check-ups to the delivery and to the post-natal check-up..we just have to call the hospital or the company’s insurance provide for GL..itu je..tu yg my hubs ckp kita g private je la dgn muka gembiranya..rupanya sbb dia tak yah kuarkan duit pun..well, maybe kena tmbh sikit la..tu pun utk charges masa bersalin sbb i think he said the GL only covers up to 2.5k ke 3k ntah..

U see, there’s a reason why we opt for private hospitals.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Antenatal Check-ups at Gov Clinic or Private Hospital :My Story

Assalamualaikum semua..

Sejak 2 3 menjak ini, mood nk berblog tu dtg kembali.. Tapi masalahnya tak tau nk blog ttg apa..


Oklah, kalo ni let me blog about why I prefer to have my monthly antenatal check-ups (+delivery) kat private hospitals. Sy bukannya sengaja nk check-up atau bersalin kat private hospitals tau..ada kisahnya..kisah yg membuatkan hubs sy rasa sakit hati..we had experience some bad services that made us said “that’s it, no more gov clinic or hospitals dh lepas ni”..

Kisahnya mcm ni, when I was pregnant with my first child back in 2010/2011, I decided to quit teaching and moved to KL to be with my hubs. So tempat check-up pun berubah la..masa kat Kelantan sy ke Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Krai (yg atas bukit tu) and I could say that the services were good, cepat dan friendly..maybe sbb hospital kot..i moved to KL (we lived in Balakong/Seri Kembangan) when I was 5 months pregnant..setelah survery sana sini, we found a Poliklinik Komuniti Seri Kembangan so we went there for the next check-up..sampai sana nurse kat sana ckp, they only cover those living in Seri Kembangan and according to our home address, we should go to Klinik Ibu Anak Balakong (kat kg baru balakong, yg dekat Chinese school tu)..makanya kami suami isteri menapak la mencari klinik tu..dh la baru pindah, mana la tau tempat2 sekitar lagi kan..

Okay dh jumpa dh klinik tu, so sy masuk la nk buat check-up, nurse sana ckp adahari2 tertentu je untuk check-up ibu mengandung so dia suruh dtg lain kali..pulak dah..okaylah, takpe lagi..we went there the following week, ramainya org, seat tak cukup, ada yg berdiri atau bersila kat pun tunggu la giliran..bila tiba je giliran sy, sy pun ke meja nurse la and the nurse tu tanya “mana air kencing?” so sy ckp la “tak amik lagi” (mcm mana nk amik, takde sape bg bekas urine tu and masa daftar tadi takde sape ckp apa pun)..and then nurse tu ckp “lain kali bw air kencing dr rumah ye, kecing siap2 kat rumah letak dlm bekas, bw dtg sini. Kami tak amalkan kencing kat sini”. 
Eh, ada ye mcm tu..terkejut can that be? Sy bgtau la hubs and husb terus marah, dia ckp mana blh mcm tu.. Oklah, lepas tu sy pun tunggu la giliran nk jumpa nurse yg duk kat dlm bilik tu utk cek perut bagai..dh masuk, dh siap brg atas katil tiba2 nurse tu tanya “awak tak amik blood pressure ke?”..then I told her, nurse kat luar tak amik pun..then that nurse suruh sy keluar blk utk cek blood pressure..ya Allah, sy dh ada ats katil kot, tiba2 kena turun and keluar..pastu kena tunggu pulak dlm half an hour utk masuk blk bilik tu.. Sy pun bgtau la hubs lagi sekali (dia tak masuk dlm, dia duk luar je sbb dlm klinik tu penuh and panas)..dia pun hangin la..suka2 je buat org mengandung ke sana sini..dh la ketidakpuasan hati dia psl air kencing tu tak reda lagi..
That next day tu, husband sy ckp “next month kita g check-up kat private hospital je,bersalin sana terus..senang..” sy tanya la kenapa..dia ckp leceh betul g klinik gov ni..menunggu lama, pastu dia suruh ibu mengandung ke hulu hilir sesuka hati dia pun ikutkan kan je la kata putus hubs sy..
so after that incident, we went for monthly antenatal check-ups kat Hospital Pusrawi Jalan Tun razak, bersalin pun kat sana..kenapa sana? Jauh tu dr Balakong..sebenarnya masa tu my parents-in-law masih lagi tinggal di Kg.Pandan, so after check-up, kami selalu blk rumah in-laws..takdelah jauh sgt kan..and we wanted a Muslim female ob-gynae and a friend recommended that hospital sbb katanya ramai female ob-gynaes kat sana and semuanya berasaskan Islam kat sana..i really like the hospital tapi utk anak kedua ni kami tak ke sana sbb jauh sgt2..we live in Sepang now which takes like 1 hour or more to reach that hospital..

Eh, ni baru cerita kisah di sebalik sebab musabab kami prefer private belum lagi cerita sebab musubab sy teruskan memilih private hospital untuk anak kedua ni..maybe sy smbung in the next entry la..

Thursday, 3 October 2013

breast pump: the thing that stresses me the most

Assalamualaikum semua..

ya Allah, we have about 6 weeks to go before the baby is out, but my obgyn said she could be out early because my first was born earlier than his expected due obgyn said sometimes the first child is the indicator to how ur next child/childrens will be..

right now, there are still some stuff that we haven't bought like the breast pump and the tandem stroller..i wouldn't worry much about the stroller as we still have the MacLaren (which, hopefully, will be sold)..

i, however, am still worried about the breast pump thingy..i am not sure of what to hubs plans to buy a Medela Swing..we read reviews about it and most mothers/users said they are happy with it and that it is a good pump..and for someone whose milk supply isn't as rich as other mothers, i nees a pump thag can do wonders..and i also need a pump that offers convenience as to whenever and wherever i have to do my mummy i think and based on the reviews that i read and heard, Medela Swing is the one..but of course la, if u could afford a Medela Freestyle, that would be even better..i think i can buy the Freestyle if i want to but then i have other financial commitments that i need to take care of (the car loan, duit kutu, hutang to my mum, my son's expenses, etc) it is better to gor for something cheaper but with good result..

some people asked why do i want to but a breast pump? why can't i use the one that i had before?
well, i had one and it was a Pureen manual breast pump..i didn't like that pump..milking/expressing was a pain and i stopped using it after few days..we bought it because it was the only pump that we could afford..u see, i was a homemaker/housewife when my first child was born..i didn't have an hubs was the sole breadwinner and i wouldn't want to trouble him as he too had many things on his shoulders and being a good wife that i think i am, i didn't want to add more to it..and with him being the sole bread winner, i didn't want to ask stuff from him cause i know that there are important/high priority things that we can use that money i told myself to just buy a cheap one..but i didn't expect it to be that painful..

and now that i am working, i think it is time to but a new breast pump that will do me good..but i am still undecided on which brand to heart thinks of Medela Swing..but my cousin suggested that Eve (can't remember its name)..a close friend suggested Rumble Tuff..

getting a breast pump is sure tough..leta juat hope that i will find a good one..