Wednesday, 20 August 2014

what i am today

Assalamualaikum. apa khabar? harap sihat hendaknya..

i am doing fine here, still adjusting. i am now a stay-at-home mum, no longer a working mum. why? there's a story to tell but i guess there's no need to share it here. do i miss being a woman with a career? yeah. do i enjoy being at home? more than ever. i have 2 beautiful and wonderful kids who make me feel content with what i have and who i am. my husband has always been supportive, and most importantly he has always comfort me throught the ordeal. i can't thank him enough. he tried to make me forget about work related things, which i am thankful for. we were both worried but he was optimistic that everything will be okay. everyone was shocked with what happened to the company, but i guess that is why they say "you win some, you lose some". 

anyway, being at home is okay, no, it is the best. well, it is to me. i didn't feel this way when i stayed at home for about 1 year when my eldest was born. i was always unhappy and complaining every now and then. but this feels different. i am happy to be at home to watch over my kids. i think my husband once told me that i no longer complain about being stuck at home. i guess i have nothing to complain, i've got my hands full from sun-up to sun-down. i always find things to do. and now that i have 2 kids, i always feel the need to always cuddle and kiss them. i am now always on the phone, googling recipes. my eldest likes to eat, he loves seeing me using the oven. my youngest likes to munch, she has 4 teeth so she just wants to much and munch all she can. and they like being together.

oh, such a wonderful feeling. it truly is. 

i look forward to these everyday. they make my day brighter.