Tuesday, 1 November 2011

baby's teething stage

firash has been having teething issue since he was 3 months old..i noticed he was always putting his toys or his fingers in his mouth..and sometimes he even took my fingers or my husband's..so i knew that he has started his teething stage..
so i gave him a teething soother..at first i thought of going to Mothercare to look for the Tommee Tippee teether that my friend suggested, but it was late at night and so i decided to wait till tomorrow. but firash couldn't take his fingers out of his mouth and so i searched the backroom where we place all the gifts and presents firash got..and i found one, it's from firash's papa's officemates..the teething soother is cute with                                                 cookie monster and elmo's faces and it's the one that baby has to hold, but he doesn't seem to like it, probably because he has to hold it..firash can be a bit lazy sometimes, he doesn't wanna hold things esp his feeding bottle..

so one day we went to Mothercare Alamanda and bought him a Tommee Tippee teething pacifier. he uses it well, probably because he doesn't have to hold it..this one is easier for the babies to bite since it's not as round and as typical as other teething soothers are.. i can hear firash biting, munching the teether..

yesterday, i was playing with firash. he smiled and had a big laugh in which i managed to see his gums. and i saw that his lower front teeth is shaping up. no wonder my baby is having that 'gatal gusi' stage all this while.. 
so i googled some info that might be useful for me..this is what i've found:

this web says that the teething stage can start as early as 3 or 4 months, before the the actual teeth occurs..if you see that your baby is experiencing teething stage as early as 3 months old (12 weeks), that will signal you that your baby is in his preparation to have his first teeth at his sixth months...but every baby is different, some will experience it early, some will have it quite later..the web says that having the first teeth at the age of 12months or above is still normal..
the web also gives some remedies parents can try such as
1) giving your baby a gum massage with a finger toothbrush
(you have to buy it somewhere, i don't know where to buy it in Malaysia)
2) giving a plain teething ring, or bite ring
3) giving a cold cloth
(it says to put in a fridge first, or wrap ice cubes in it)
4)giving cold food
(this is for baby who is of age to eat)
* they say the numbing effect can help ease the pain..

poor firash, no wonder he can be a little cranky these days..

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