Saturday, 31 December 2011

Welcome 2012


please be good to me, my family and my loved ones..and also to everyone else..
may u bring a lot of great things, success, and happiness this year...
let's begin this 2012 with good beginning and let's end it with great ending..


Happy New Year everyone..
have fun and enjoy 2012..

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Thank you Almighty

last few days had been a melancholic days for me..i had been thinking a lot..i am afraid of coming to the end of December because i know that i will be jobless term will end on 31th December..i've been working as a part-time tutor since last August and now it's coming to an end and i am not looking forward to it..the term is to be renewed every i need to wait for a few months before i can re-apply to be a part-time tutor at this university again..the next semester begins in February or March 2012..erghhhhh...i know i should start looking for a job but i don't want to work full-time now that i am comfortable working part-time..what should i do? i don't want to leave my baby but at the same time i want to be a woman with a career that i can be proud of..i want to have my own pay check, to feel the excitement of getting sms from the bank saying that u've been credited with money of your hard work, to spend your own earned money buying things you want to buy and not feeling guilty about it, to be able to give more money to my mama and to buy things for my papa and my siblings, to buy stuffs for and to treat my husband and baby with many i miss working full-time.but this is my decision, i am the one who decided to quit teaching in UiTM Machang..and so i have to live with it..i told my husband that i will work full-time once i graduate from UiTM with my Masters i have to wait one more year before i can start applying for a teaching position in higher learning institutions..i hope it's worth the one year wait...
but for now, i am thankful for what i husband is working days and nights to provide comfort to our family..he never forgets me and our precious baby, buying things for us, treating and giving us with what we want..he always tries his best to give the best to his loved ones even if it means sacrificing himself..

THANK U B..i can never imagine life without u..
THANK U ALLAH SWT for the life u have given me, the pain and happiness u've put me through so that i know what life is..

Thursday, 22 December 2011

life as a full-time housewife, part-time english lecturer and also part-time masters degree student

hey there lovely people..
how's your day? i hope that everything is going on fine and smooth..

well, mine isn't as smooth as how i imagine it should be but it's alright..we can never expect everything to sail has its up and down..

i have been a full-time housewife for about a year now, since i decided to quit my job in UiTM Machang..people told me that i wasn't doing the right thing and that i was putting my future in jeopardy.i didn't share their thoughts though, i knew that was the right thing to do..i didn't want to travel every week to KL..i just didn't want to be apart from my husband..

so my life as a housewife began early this year..i did nothing, just stayed at home, waiting for the time for my baby to pop-out..and so my baby decided to meet the world in May..and life started to change right away..i have bigger responsibility that i need to put on my shoulders..

four months after my baby was born. i was offered to be a part-time English lecturer at one of the public i thought "why not, this is better than nothing".. of course i would accept that offer...where else can i get to work for only 2 or 3 days in a week (and let me teach for only 4 hours a day) and then pay me almost 2k every month?..of course i would be stupid to pass the offer..and so i began my work in September, and my masters degree classes also began in September...

at first i thought i could juggle my housewife's chores and routines with my teaching works and also my masters degree's works, but i was is certainly difficult to find time to do my assignments as well as to prepare stuff for teaching..this is because i spent most of my time for my baby, playing with him, and when he's asleep i would be asleep as well......

and now, since the semester is coming to an end, i find myself in piles of assignments that i need to do and to be marked as is now my husband and son..well, that's why they say life is all about what you give to it....if you give time, then you'll get time..if you give love, then love is coming your way...

gtg now, gotta get back to marking the students' work..

Thursday, 15 December 2011


hey all...
how have u been doing? fine? okay? so-so?
takpelah, yg penting kita happy dan sihat kan..
so this time around, i would like to write about a surprise dinner that my husband had planned to celebrate my birthday was in November but we weren't able to do anything due to some unavoidable circumstances and i told my husband that i was quite sad because everyone seemed to not remember my birthday and everyone was busy with only-God-knows-what..even my students didn't wish me which was quite husband apologized then for not being able to do anything on my birthday and for my wasn't his fault..i guess i was too sensitive..

anyway, a few weeks had gone by and so last Friday (9 December) my husband  told me that he would want to go to KL..i asked him why and told him to go on Saturday instead because i don't like to be in a rush that Friday (since he had to perform Friday prayer)..but he insisted to go back home on Friday regardless of what i said.. so we went back to his parents home in KL after Friday prayer..and on our way he told me that he had a plan that Friday evening and he wanted to be at Desa Pandan because his sister will look after our i said okay and asked him where will we go, the only answer he gave was "senyum kalo suka, kalo tak suka bgtau"..he even joked saying that we will go to the i said okay, then zoo it will be..he just laughed and asked me to wait..

so we got to this one place where it is surrounded by lush green husband told me that he had planned a dinner to celebrate my birthday..i was shocked and quite surprised but thankful nonetheless. i didn't expect him to do such things because he isn't the type of guy who would make surprises and treat his loved ones with gifts and all..i was very happy with what he did and told myself to enjoy the night..

we had our dinner at Mandi Mandi Tamarind Spring, which is one of the best fine-dining restaurants in is very nice and kinda remind me ofde Bali's a hillside restaurant..we didn't take many photos, except the ones taken by the waitress who was very nice..the management doesn't allow any photography to take place..don't know why...

the warm welcome at the table
there are 3 different dining concepts for us to choose..Tamarind Spring offers Indo-Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine and Malay-Thai husband decided to dine at Mandi Mandi, the place for Malay-Thai was located at the second level of the we walked down the stairs, walking thru the green landscape that were lit with candles and garden lights..we were entertained by the sound of the frogs and crickets..sadly, we didn't get to sit by the pool or at the hut since it rained earlier that night..sad but that's okay..

yours truly, checking the tab

the food was very delicious and scrumptious. it's worth the price u have to pay..the ambiance made u feel the softness and the richness of the food..we didn't order any appetizers but we considered our Catfish and Mango Salad as our appetizers. it was very good, the catfish was shredded into small pieces and they only used the meat of the fish and mixed them with mango, cashewnuts, and few other vegetables..
then for the main course, i ordered Grilled Beef with Tamarind was delicious except for the tamarind sauce which was a bit sour..but the beef was very nice and husband ordered Chicken Black Pepper which was very husband loved it so much that he didn't even want to taste my main course..the black pepper was very tasty and flavorful..i heard the chef made the black pepper himself..
mr.hubster with his coconut drink
we also ordered Tomyam Fried Rice (since my husband couldn't survive his meal without taking rice)..the rice had a unique first, u will feel the sweetness of it then when u are about to finish ur bite u will feel the spiciness of it..totally worth eating and paying almost rm20 for the fried rice..
for drinks, i decided to try Tamarind's a mixture of cranberry juice, lychee and a bit of husband decided to have Pandan Roasted Coconut (being the person who likes coconut)...and lastly, we had Fried Banana with Coconut Ice-Cream as our dessert..the fried banana was very different form the ones that we normally bought and has an aromatic taste to it and i can feel the taste of lemongrass in every bite of it..

overall, i would say that the dinner was very memorable and wonderful (though my husband had to spend quite a quarter of his paycheck)..i would recommend those who would like to have a memorable dining with special ones to check Tamarind Spring's a suitable place for those who do not mind spending a lot money to relax, lay back and enjoy the night with its good food..sekali setahun apa salahnya kan, bukannya selalu pun kita spend lebih sikit utk makan mlm yg istimewa..

thank u B for the dinner and for all the good things u have done for me..i love u, always and forever..

Saturday, 10 December 2011

my pregnancy guide book

i'm sure all mothers will agree that going through pregnancy can be very exciting, nerve-wrecking and don't know what to expect and to do especially if you are pregnant with your first child..agree? when a woman gets pregnant, she embarks on a journey that will be remembered and cherished forever..there are a lot things a pregnant mother needs to know and be aware of..she needs to equip herself with all sorts of information so that she can go through not only the pregnancy but also the labour and motherhood with ease..

when i found out that i was pregnant, at that time it was 5 weeks, i was clueless and husband was living in KL while i was in Kelantan..i was afraid to tell my mother at that time because she told me to wait until i finish my Masters Degree because she knows that the weekly travelling can be tiresome and might affect my pregnancy..(a mother knows what is best for her children) i told my father first instead of my mother..he said not to worry and to take care of myself..when my mother found out, (obviously my father told her) she cleaned my room and and had all safety precautions..thank u mama..

i learned about pregnancy, what to expect and what to do from my mother and also my aunts..but i had to have another source that i can always refer to whenever i need to know something or whenever my parents are not around..i told my husband that i need to buy a pregnancy book and so we went to MPH and looked for a book..there are so many guide books but only a few are relevant or written by fellow i was about to give up, i found this book written by a Malaysian author..i browsed through it and i found it to be very interesting, useful and helpful as well..

and so i would like to recommend this book to all the pregnant mothers, especially those wore are going through it for the first time, who need some source that they can refer is not expensive at costs about rm20, i think it's is not as thick as other books are..and most importantly it is written by a Malaysian..

let me give few things that i found useful in this book:
1) the ultra sound chapter..
every parents would, at least once,want to have ultra sound one so that they know how the baby is      doing..the author also highlighted the pros and cons of doing ultra sound and the types of ultra sound available in Malaysia..

2) My Pregnancy Diary
the book has a pregnancy diary in which this section of the book gives you all the info you need to know about the months of pregnancy, starting from month 1 to month 9..

3) My Pregnancy Calendar
this is sort of a calendar that tells you the everyday development of your baby and yourself as well. i found this to be very useful..i even put a date on each box so that i know where i am on that calendar and i can guess my edd based on the calendar..i always refer to this calendar when i want to know the development of a particular day, for example on my baby's day 55 or 7 weeks 6 days of living in my's good isn't it?

so people, go and grab a copy of this's worth the buy...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

poem for my husband

i was browsing facebook just now when i decided to see and read the wall posts between me and my husband..and i came to this poem, the one i wrote for him for our 10th year of anniversary (not wedding but the anniversary of being in love together) last february..i always write poem for my husband esp on his birthday and our anniversary..i know it's not that romantic or melancholic but hey, this is me in my i decided to copy it and put it here so that i can read it like forever..

so this one was written by yours truly, me, for my husband to remember our 10th year of being love..

today marks the 10th year anniversary of our friendship and love..
I admired u when we were 17, when we were having fun in school..
I adored u when we were 18, trusted u when we were 19..
I cherished having u around when we were 20..
I enjoyed being with u when we were 21, looking at wonders of the world..
I missed u when we were 22, longed for u when we were 23..
I believed in u when we were 24..
I was amazed by u when we were 25 when life started to feel real..
I was delighted by u when we were 26..
and now, at 27, I love u more and more now that we're bonded together for life..
I love u, since 2001 and will keep on doing so till the end of our life..
happy 10th year anniversary B..

btw, this poem is written by me and therefore, it is copyright protected by me and therefore it means no copying without my permission (i have to emphasize on this since a lot of people like to copy something and make it like it's theirs and not acknowledging the real owner or author)..get that?

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Friday, 2 December 2011

SMTKK di hatiku

gmbr hasil lukisan Cik Zuweng yg mmg tak dpt dinafikan seorg yg kreatif
kenangan terindah semasa zaman persekolahan..seronok belajar di Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kuala Klawang Negeri Sembilan..ada kawan2 yg best, ada rakan2 sekelas yg ntah apa2, ada adik angkat yg super comel, ada cikgu2 dan warden2 yg suka gertak org, ada makanan dewan mkn yg kdg2 sedap kdg2 tak sedap, ada hantu2 yg suka ganggu budak2 hostel, ada mcm2 la..owh, dan ada boyfriend yg hensem tapi kurus dan sgt la hip hoppers masa tu, sekarang dh jadi suami sy yg dh berisi sikit dan dh tak hip hop..

Thursday, 1 December 2011

please la, what's with that

please la..
what's with the 'ko ade,  ko ade? thingy?
does that make you feel better?
does that make you feel you are superior or of higher position than others?
you posted it on your twitter, your fb, knowing that others will look and read feel that you need to show something to people..
eh hello, some people have had it way before you la, they just don't want to share it and tell it to the world..
tak perlu kot nak bgtau satu dunia yg 'aku ade, ko ade tu'..
kalo tak guna 'ko ade' tu lagu bagus and tak buat org menyampah..

(okay, dh abis membebel..thank u and sorry)...