Sunday, 25 December 2011

Thank you Almighty

last few days had been a melancholic days for me..i had been thinking a lot..i am afraid of coming to the end of December because i know that i will be jobless term will end on 31th December..i've been working as a part-time tutor since last August and now it's coming to an end and i am not looking forward to it..the term is to be renewed every i need to wait for a few months before i can re-apply to be a part-time tutor at this university again..the next semester begins in February or March 2012..erghhhhh...i know i should start looking for a job but i don't want to work full-time now that i am comfortable working part-time..what should i do? i don't want to leave my baby but at the same time i want to be a woman with a career that i can be proud of..i want to have my own pay check, to feel the excitement of getting sms from the bank saying that u've been credited with money of your hard work, to spend your own earned money buying things you want to buy and not feeling guilty about it, to be able to give more money to my mama and to buy things for my papa and my siblings, to buy stuffs for and to treat my husband and baby with many i miss working full-time.but this is my decision, i am the one who decided to quit teaching in UiTM Machang..and so i have to live with it..i told my husband that i will work full-time once i graduate from UiTM with my Masters i have to wait one more year before i can start applying for a teaching position in higher learning institutions..i hope it's worth the one year wait...
but for now, i am thankful for what i husband is working days and nights to provide comfort to our family..he never forgets me and our precious baby, buying things for us, treating and giving us with what we want..he always tries his best to give the best to his loved ones even if it means sacrificing himself..

THANK U B..i can never imagine life without u..
THANK U ALLAH SWT for the life u have given me, the pain and happiness u've put me through so that i know what life is..

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