Thursday, 22 December 2011

life as a full-time housewife, part-time english lecturer and also part-time masters degree student

hey there lovely people..
how's your day? i hope that everything is going on fine and smooth..

well, mine isn't as smooth as how i imagine it should be but it's alright..we can never expect everything to sail has its up and down..

i have been a full-time housewife for about a year now, since i decided to quit my job in UiTM Machang..people told me that i wasn't doing the right thing and that i was putting my future in jeopardy.i didn't share their thoughts though, i knew that was the right thing to do..i didn't want to travel every week to KL..i just didn't want to be apart from my husband..

so my life as a housewife began early this year..i did nothing, just stayed at home, waiting for the time for my baby to pop-out..and so my baby decided to meet the world in May..and life started to change right away..i have bigger responsibility that i need to put on my shoulders..

four months after my baby was born. i was offered to be a part-time English lecturer at one of the public i thought "why not, this is better than nothing".. of course i would accept that offer...where else can i get to work for only 2 or 3 days in a week (and let me teach for only 4 hours a day) and then pay me almost 2k every month?..of course i would be stupid to pass the offer..and so i began my work in September, and my masters degree classes also began in September...

at first i thought i could juggle my housewife's chores and routines with my teaching works and also my masters degree's works, but i was is certainly difficult to find time to do my assignments as well as to prepare stuff for teaching..this is because i spent most of my time for my baby, playing with him, and when he's asleep i would be asleep as well......

and now, since the semester is coming to an end, i find myself in piles of assignments that i need to do and to be marked as is now my husband and son..well, that's why they say life is all about what you give to it....if you give time, then you'll get time..if you give love, then love is coming your way...

gtg now, gotta get back to marking the students' work..

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