Thursday, 8 December 2011

poem for my husband

i was browsing facebook just now when i decided to see and read the wall posts between me and my husband..and i came to this poem, the one i wrote for him for our 10th year of anniversary (not wedding but the anniversary of being in love together) last february..i always write poem for my husband esp on his birthday and our anniversary..i know it's not that romantic or melancholic but hey, this is me in my i decided to copy it and put it here so that i can read it like forever..

so this one was written by yours truly, me, for my husband to remember our 10th year of being love..

today marks the 10th year anniversary of our friendship and love..
I admired u when we were 17, when we were having fun in school..
I adored u when we were 18, trusted u when we were 19..
I cherished having u around when we were 20..
I enjoyed being with u when we were 21, looking at wonders of the world..
I missed u when we were 22, longed for u when we were 23..
I believed in u when we were 24..
I was amazed by u when we were 25 when life started to feel real..
I was delighted by u when we were 26..
and now, at 27, I love u more and more now that we're bonded together for life..
I love u, since 2001 and will keep on doing so till the end of our life..
happy 10th year anniversary B..

btw, this poem is written by me and therefore, it is copyright protected by me and therefore it means no copying without my permission (i have to emphasize on this since a lot of people like to copy something and make it like it's theirs and not acknowledging the real owner or author)..get that?

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