Saturday, 10 December 2011

my pregnancy guide book

i'm sure all mothers will agree that going through pregnancy can be very exciting, nerve-wrecking and don't know what to expect and to do especially if you are pregnant with your first child..agree? when a woman gets pregnant, she embarks on a journey that will be remembered and cherished forever..there are a lot things a pregnant mother needs to know and be aware of..she needs to equip herself with all sorts of information so that she can go through not only the pregnancy but also the labour and motherhood with ease..

when i found out that i was pregnant, at that time it was 5 weeks, i was clueless and husband was living in KL while i was in Kelantan..i was afraid to tell my mother at that time because she told me to wait until i finish my Masters Degree because she knows that the weekly travelling can be tiresome and might affect my pregnancy..(a mother knows what is best for her children) i told my father first instead of my mother..he said not to worry and to take care of myself..when my mother found out, (obviously my father told her) she cleaned my room and and had all safety precautions..thank u mama..

i learned about pregnancy, what to expect and what to do from my mother and also my aunts..but i had to have another source that i can always refer to whenever i need to know something or whenever my parents are not around..i told my husband that i need to buy a pregnancy book and so we went to MPH and looked for a book..there are so many guide books but only a few are relevant or written by fellow i was about to give up, i found this book written by a Malaysian author..i browsed through it and i found it to be very interesting, useful and helpful as well..

and so i would like to recommend this book to all the pregnant mothers, especially those wore are going through it for the first time, who need some source that they can refer is not expensive at costs about rm20, i think it's is not as thick as other books are..and most importantly it is written by a Malaysian..

let me give few things that i found useful in this book:
1) the ultra sound chapter..
every parents would, at least once,want to have ultra sound one so that they know how the baby is      doing..the author also highlighted the pros and cons of doing ultra sound and the types of ultra sound available in Malaysia..

2) My Pregnancy Diary
the book has a pregnancy diary in which this section of the book gives you all the info you need to know about the months of pregnancy, starting from month 1 to month 9..

3) My Pregnancy Calendar
this is sort of a calendar that tells you the everyday development of your baby and yourself as well. i found this to be very useful..i even put a date on each box so that i know where i am on that calendar and i can guess my edd based on the calendar..i always refer to this calendar when i want to know the development of a particular day, for example on my baby's day 55 or 7 weeks 6 days of living in my's good isn't it?

so people, go and grab a copy of this's worth the buy...

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