Sunday, 13 November 2011

i heart these girls

i've been wanting to write about these people and now that i have some time i guess i should..i wanna write about these three ladies that have been so good, so supportive, so wonderful, and so great in my life..but why would i write about them? i miss them, that's my why..well, for those who know my life and its journey, they know that i do have many friends but i only have few whom are close to my heart..why? 
u see, my papa is a management officer at Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad (MAHB) ever since i was a little girl. he has been working in this airport sector for the past 30 years i as one of the officers who have some sort of qualifications, he's always transferred from one airport to another depending on his term with the our family will always be on the move from one state to another..we have lived in penang, sabah, selangor, kedah (langkawi) because back in 80s and 90's the only international airports were in penang, sabah and selangor (KLIA was in the making back then)..the longest time period we had stayed in one place was three years then we had to move to another state. so me and my siblings had many schools in many states..i remember i had to attend three different schools when i was in my standard six..u see, i had many friends because i had many schools but i don't seem to be in contact with them any more..i don't know why..even now, i am at lost of communication with my secondary school schoolmates with the exception of  my husband who happens to be my schoolmate as well..
but as i ventured into my 20s, i've found people who are of great influence to me that i've vowed not to lose them..they are my coursemates and colleague. i guess as u get older, u know what life is and u start taking responsibility to make it last forever..i am thankful to be given the opportunity to meet these wonderful friends..

Jamilah Bt Shaari

Nik Zuriati Ratnadewi Bt Nik Mohd Nor

Siti Asmah Bt Johari
i love them as much as i love my family..we might not text or call each other often but deep inside, we know that we always have each other..


Sugoi said...

again, aku link ke blog aku...heheh...
i heart u too....
sgt jarang dah aku ber-blog skrg..masa sgt xsmpt...blk umah jer nk rehat n tdo..aku trpikir nk beli samsung galaxy tab gaks..adik aku pakai..mcm best jer..hehe..
btwm beb, aku skrg ber-twitter..kalu ko ader acc twitter, follow lh aku deh - jammygems...heheh..

ilovecheese said... touching. I miss you a fat lot, Zurina :)