Friday, 17 February 2012

our 11th year anniversary

 hey there peeps..
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 as the title suggests, today marks me and my husband's 11th year anniversary..
we met in early 2001 at our school's prefect meeting..that was the first time we laid eyes on each other (chewahhh)..we became friends for about a month and then mister hubby asked the question and of course i said yes..
we declared the relationship on 17th February 2001..
we had quite a long relationship, and decided to tie the knot and made it official on 5th June 2010..

it has been 11 years since..
taken when we were in pd for our school's prefect dinner back in 2001, 
we have gone through many things, many happiness and hurdles as well..we went through bittersweet moments..of course, there were times when we got mad at each other, (but we never yell at each other) and times when we felt that we were never on the same page (but we found ways to make things work)..there were times when he annoyed me so much but then that's who he is..he could tolerate my inconsistent  mood and behaviors and so i knew that i should ignore his..we even experienced financial difficulties together (yelah, masa tu sama-sama tgh belajar, mana nk ada duit sgt)..if he had extra money, he would give me half..and if i knew he didn't have much money, i would give him half of what i had at that time..yelah, dh sama-sama angau, sama-sama la susah kan, takkan nk senang je sama-sama, tak adil la..kdg2, kalau papa top-up credit lebih, cthnya papa top-up rm30, i would transfer to him selalu kalu credit hp dh nk kurang, i would ask papa to top-up pastu i would share with mister hubby..hehee..

zaman muda-mudi, in 2008
having spent 11 years together makes us realize that we become better when we have each other..we know that we will never worry about life when we have each other..we shape each other's life..
people (mostly my students) ask me, how do i manage to keep the relationship strong..honestly, i don't even know how..i don't have the answer..

back when we were in school, we never though that our relationship would last this long..i though that when the school ends, our relationship would also end..(because there would be no other way for us to see each other everyday)..but boy i was dead wrong (and i'm happy that i was wrong)..hehehe..we kept on contacting each other, through home phone (masa tu handphone ni takde lagi okay,mahal nk mati masa tu,  mau kena ketuk dgn papa kalau mintak handphone)..we met each other on weekends (luckily masa tu family duk usj lagi, belum pindah around the universe lagi)..
so when my family had to move to langkawi (papa kena jadi manager airport langkawi) i was left alone in shah alam (masa tu tgh study kat uitm)..mister hubby was always there for me ever since..he did a lot of things for me and to me and with me..i am grateful for that..when my family moved to sabah from langkawi, i wasn't as sad as i was before..hehehe..because i had my mister with i didn't worry much about being left alone in the peninsular..heheh..

i think, upon reminiscing back our bitter and sweet memories, i guess i now know the answer to how do we keep our relationship strong..we never plan the future..we never think of what will happen to us  in years time..we never worry about what and how to see each other after the school ends..we never think of how many kids to have, when to get married and where to live..we just live our live as it like mister hubby always say, "tk payah susah fikir psl masa depan, tau la kita nk menggayakannya bila smpai masanya nanti, buat  masa ni kita hidup untuk apa yang ada"..
our first raya as huband and wife (in 2010)..muka penat g jln rumah sedara sana sini..
so here's to my mister hubby..
i love you, from the moment we met..
i will always love you, till the end of the world..
i love you, for who you are..
i  love you, for who you will become
i thank you, for being you..

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