Saturday, 22 December 2012

trip to Bayou Lagoon Park Resort..

Assalamualaikum semua..

how's everyone. harap sihat semuanya...

earlier this month, we went to Bayou Lagoon Park Resort..mister hubs got a hotel voucher and so he decided to use it there..we decided to try staying at this resort because it's new..we hope that the facilities and furniture are still new and good..

we went there after work..we arrived there sometime around 9pm..luckiliy, mister hubs dh call awal2 hotel utk inform yg kami akan late check-in..mmg sgt late pun...disebabkan kami smpai lewat, registration mmg sekejap pastu dpt pulak bilik kat tingkat 2..yay..

the room was was a one bedroom studio apartment.. (sorry, lupa nk amik gmbr sbb smpai dh tgh mlm, siang hari bilik dh tunggang langgang di kerjakan Ahmad Firash)...

i think the main attraction of this hotel/resort is its water theme park..not bad for a new hotel..the slides were still okay, the pools were clean and nice.., probably because they are still new..yelah, takkan la slides semua dh rosak kan..dh nama pun hotel baru..
i think kids will definitely love the water theme park..mmg penuh je dgn budak2 dr pagi smpai la ke mlm..

the food at the restaurant was just okay..not so yummy but no so yucky either..boleh la sekadar nk alas perut di pagi hari..okay la dr takde kan..

but the management can be improved..we stayed there 3 days 2 nights..i mean, we booked 2 nights stay..on our 2nd day, somebody tried opening our room..siap dgr suara budak ckp, cepat la mama..agaknya mama dia kot yg tgh cuba nk buka mister hubs buka la pintu, terkejut mama budak tu..dia ckp dia dpt bilik ni..we told her we got this room dr semalam lagi..pelik kan..deme ni tak update sistem ke mister hubs trun la ke reception counter pastu tanya la..rupanya diorg ckp yg shift mlm tak update sistem..ntah apa they gave that family a new room, we got to stay at  our room..kalo diorg suruh kami pindah bilik lain, mmg kami mintak refund pastu blk lagi bagus..heheheh...

so far okay la..hotel mmg akan ada flaws here and there..biasalah tu kan..nasib baik la Firash suka water park tu..


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Rabiatul Adawiyah Abd Rahim said...

Madam, I went here too! Early December 2012 with my family. :) Staying there for 1 night. The place was okay and yup, the management need to improve. Well, enjoy my day at Bayou Lagoon Park even it for a while.