Monday, 17 February 2014

to my HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEART: happy 13th anniversary

happy 13th anniversary love

we survived 13 wonderful years together since 2001..we were just 17 when we met..and look at where we are now..isn't this wonderful? to me it is beyond wonderful..this is my fairy tale..

who would have thought that we could go this far, and be this strong..i think, we, somehow and somewhere, also thought that this relationship would end when we ended our schooldays..that was what we've been fed by those around us, telling us that this relationship won't last long because we because we are just a bunch of school kids who found love during schooldays and know nothing about love.. and hey, we proved me them wrong, don't we?

and who would've thought that you, the city boy, and me, the nomad girl, would make a great team..well, don't they say opposite attracts?

i love are my knight in shining armor.. you helped me sort my life and provided me were there when the world chose to turn one eye on strengthen my sense of independence and built my showed me that life will never fail us if we have showed me life and love..and i am thankful for that..i do and forever will..

thank you..thank you for sticking, always by my side..i used to think that you were stuck but now i believe that you choose to be stuck with me..thank you for not regretting the choices that we made.. i knew that i have made so many foolish mistakes and decisions without consulting you, but you brushed my fear away saying that everything will be okay..thank you for putting me first, on top of always put my best interest before yours..i am sorry that i can't do the same to you, though i tried so many times to put you before myself..i failed but you always said that it's okay, and you are happy that i tried..

thank you for always trying your best..
thank you..
thank you for always trying your are the best man in my life..
you were my past, you are my present, and you will be my future..
thank you for not missing all the meaningful events in our life..
you were there, motivating me when i got scared of what will hapen after we finished school..
you were there, assuring me that i'll be just fine when i got my first job while waiting for SPM's result..
you were there, congratulating me when i got enrolled into UiTM..
you were there, comforting me when my family moved to Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, then Kuala Krai..
you were there, supporting me while i struggled with homesickness and stress of studying..
you were there, asking me to do my best when i got my first permanent job..
you were there, encouraging me to fight till the end when i started my Master's degree..
you were there, nervous when your family came to "risik" me for you..
you were there, trembling with joy and fear when you said "aku terima nikahnya"..
you were there, beaming with joy when we did our first pregancy test..
you were there, telling me it's okay when i decided to quit my job..
you were there, being a man you could when i was in labour..
you were there witnessing the birth of our first child.
you were there, smiling when i was offered my current job..
you were there, telling me don't worry on my first day of working, the very same day we had to put our fist child in someone else's care.
you were there, smiling from ear to ear when we moved to our very own home..
you were there, again beaming with joy when we did another pregnancy test..
you were there, being a man i know you are, witnessing the birth of our second child..
and you are here, never letting me go and never wanting to miss any events we might have in the future..
i forgive you for sometimes getting on my never understand the hidden message behind my silence treatments and my mood made me mad when you asked questions, and when you didn't really help with the kids because you were tired..i should have known that men are never good at remembering things and that i expect you to not fall in that category..silly me..i know that there is no such thing like a perfect husband and we both know that i am not the perfect wife you imagined i would be and you are not one too..but with all of that efforts and tolerance, you are almost there..despite all of my antics, you still think i'm cute and irresistible and you love me for that..

so please forgive me for sometimes hating you, blaming you for all the mishaps that had happened..

i love you..thank you for the wonderful 13 years..i know thank you isn't enough but thank you and thank you..i loved you yesterday, i love you today and i will love you like i always do tomorrow and forever..

to my husband, i couldn't promise you forever but i can definitely promise that you have me, forever with you..

i love you..
i do..


SyntaxxError84 said...

It is hard to maintain a relationship. The only secret that couples must understand is To learn how to listen, share, and have an open mind. You are so affectionate, caring and loving. I’m so lucky to have you on my life. Thank you for being my wife. I don’t know how to live without you. I feel so lonely and sad when you’re not around. I love you so much and will always be. Waking up every morning having you in my arms gives me this tender feeling. I feel so lucky having the most beautiful wife. I don’t want to lose you so please stay in love with me. Coz I will love you eternally. Behind every successful man is a woman – Whoever said this is 100% right. You made me so successful. I love you very much. Each time I look at you, I realize how God has been good to me. He gave me the most beautiful, caring, loving and passionate woman in the world. I’m so lucky to have you. I love you, yes you Noor Zurina BT Zakaria...

zurinazakaria said...


mcm tak percaya..
mana dtg ayat2 ni semua..

ilovecheese said...

Awww...super sweet. I love you both.

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

Madam, congrats !! So sweet !! :) Semoga hubungan Madam dan suami berkekalan hingga ke Syurga dan semoga Madam sekeluarga berbahagia sampai bila-bila. In Sha Allah. AMIN. :)

si peri peri said...

auwmm. yeppie 13th anniversary kak zurin n bang amie!

JamilahShaari said...

barokallah bebbbb!!!! love u!!!