Saturday, 19 November 2011

i wish for this

I wish to have a candle light dinner on my birthday but I know that is not going to happen since I have to attend Dr.Richard's class that morning or else I'll be given 'cuti khas' since I already missed Dr.Richard's classes two times this semester. I do not want that to happen because I want to finish this long-agony journey of getting my Master's Degree as soon as possible.
then after the class, I have to rush back home and pack my stuff, my hubby's and Firash's stuff as well and we'll head back to Kelantan because hubby's cousin is getting married the next day. so I guess the only things that I'll be getting are fatigue and 'panda-eyes'. (i feel like crying already)..

I wish to have candle light dinner because I never have one..never boyfriend, who is now my husband, isn't the romantic affectionate kind of person so he never brings me to that kind of place. in fact we never celebrate our anniversaries or birthdays together..I guess time and distance make us feel that way.
and now that I am a mother, and having gone through the pain of giving birth few months ago, I feel like I want to have some romantic time with my husband. I didn't get to do that on his birthday because I was 6months pregnant and at that time, all I want to do was sit and enjoy the comfort of being at home. I wasn't able to do that on my wedding anniversary because I was in confinement last June.

I really want to feel what it's like to be in a romantic candle light dinner.once is enough for me..I envy those who have been to one.
so the only thing I can do to make myself feel better is by googling the best place for candle light dinner...

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