Thursday, 12 January 2012

poem for my fiance (now my husband)

this is another poem that i found on my hubby's facebook wall..yes, i stalk him all the time but who cares, he's my husband..i wrote this when we were engaged back in 2009, this is for his birthday on february that year..

i had a crush on u when i was 17..
i liked u when i was 18..
i wanted u when i was 19..
i chose u when i was 20
when i was 21, i cherished knowing u .
when i was 22, i enjoyed having u ..
at 23, i i was crazy about u..
at 24, i fell head over heels over u..
and now, at 25, i am helplessly in love with u..

again, this is also copyright protected by yours truly..hahaha..don't you dare copy it without my permission..(penat aku mengarang dan menulis, kau jgn suka2 nk copy mcm kau yg tulis ye)..

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