Monday, 16 January 2012

Firash and balloon..

 anak lelaki memang suka main..
Firash suka main..especially when his papa is around or when there is something that attracts him..

his latest toy is balloon..
last thursday, we went to Alamanda's TGIF since mr.hubster asked me where to i said i wanted to eat steak and he decided to go to's been awhile since we last spend on delectable scrumptious food..
while enjoying our food, one of the supervisors at TGIF gave Firash a balloon since he was babbling (in his own language) non-stop..
so Firash took it without hesitating and with a smile on his face..aigooo..mmg budak nakal la Firash ni..
Firash playing with his toys before he got the balloon..
surprisingly he likes balloon..i thought he would be scared but he wasn't..
he would play with the balloon, holding it and squeezing it and yanking it here and there..

Firash is super duper excited to have the balloon

give me my balloon..

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