Thursday, 18 July 2013

them..always them..

i miss them..

i seriously do (terasa masa nk nangis la pulak)..

i miss talking and laughing and dining and then talking..
gosshhh, i miss everything..

to be honest, i don't really have a close buddy here in WK..everyone in my team is doing their own work and minding their own business.
cukup masa, semua blk on time..
i pun sama..
i have few people yg i always lepak2 and chat kat oc selalu tapi tu je la..

i miss having a heart-to-heart conversation with my good/best friends.
and now that all of us are far apart, mcm makin susah je nk keep in touch with each other..

i kdg2 ada sms dgn Asmah, apparently she's the only one yg timing dia sama mcm i..maklumlah, dh jadi mak2 kan..tapi tu pun tak kerap mana, kang borak lama2 tiba2 anak panggil..kejap2 anak cari..she knows me, i know her..masing2 dh ada family commitment yg mmg 24 jam akan panggil kita..

Jem is in Aussie, doing her phd..
babe, i miss u..lepak2, mkn2, borak2 luahkan perasaan hati..
i always feel happy when i'm with u..kita kan sama..
dr minat, perasaan, semuanya lah..

i miss Fara, i have no idea of what she is doing now and where she is..Fara, aku rindu ko mung..

Zue akan pindah Kuantan..
walaupun masa Zue kat sini, we still couldn't find a date/time to hang out..sorry Zue..i truly am sorry for not being able to lepak2 dgn Zue..
i wish i could turn back time..

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