Thursday, 3 October 2013

breast pump: the thing that stresses me the most

Assalamualaikum semua..

ya Allah, we have about 6 weeks to go before the baby is out, but my obgyn said she could be out early because my first was born earlier than his expected due obgyn said sometimes the first child is the indicator to how ur next child/childrens will be..

right now, there are still some stuff that we haven't bought like the breast pump and the tandem stroller..i wouldn't worry much about the stroller as we still have the MacLaren (which, hopefully, will be sold)..

i, however, am still worried about the breast pump thingy..i am not sure of what to hubs plans to buy a Medela Swing..we read reviews about it and most mothers/users said they are happy with it and that it is a good pump..and for someone whose milk supply isn't as rich as other mothers, i nees a pump thag can do wonders..and i also need a pump that offers convenience as to whenever and wherever i have to do my mummy i think and based on the reviews that i read and heard, Medela Swing is the one..but of course la, if u could afford a Medela Freestyle, that would be even better..i think i can buy the Freestyle if i want to but then i have other financial commitments that i need to take care of (the car loan, duit kutu, hutang to my mum, my son's expenses, etc) it is better to gor for something cheaper but with good result..

some people asked why do i want to but a breast pump? why can't i use the one that i had before?
well, i had one and it was a Pureen manual breast pump..i didn't like that pump..milking/expressing was a pain and i stopped using it after few days..we bought it because it was the only pump that we could afford..u see, i was a homemaker/housewife when my first child was born..i didn't have an hubs was the sole breadwinner and i wouldn't want to trouble him as he too had many things on his shoulders and being a good wife that i think i am, i didn't want to add more to it..and with him being the sole bread winner, i didn't want to ask stuff from him cause i know that there are important/high priority things that we can use that money i told myself to just buy a cheap one..but i didn't expect it to be that painful..

and now that i am working, i think it is time to but a new breast pump that will do me good..but i am still undecided on which brand to heart thinks of Medela Swing..but my cousin suggested that Eve (can't remember its name)..a close friend suggested Rumble Tuff..

getting a breast pump is sure tough..leta juat hope that i will find a good one..

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